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Important information on safeguarding


Child Welfare and Safeguarding

Everyone in football has a responsibility to safeguard the children and young people involved in the game. It is mandatory for every youth football club affiliated to the FA to have appointed a fully qualified and DBS checked Club Welfare Officer (CWO).  This role involves attending an FA Safeguarding Children and a Welfare Officer Workshop.


At Stevenage Borough Juniors FC our Club Welfare Officer (CWO) is currently Amanda Harwood. It is the responsibility of the CWO to ensure that children and young people who play for SBJFC can play football in a safe and non-threatening environment and are not subject to any physical or verbal abuse.

All parents and carers should be aware of their own safeguarding responsibilities which can be found on the following link with all other Safeguarding guidance. We also ask that you watch the video below:


If you have any concerns, incidents or questions in relation to welfare or child protection which you would like to discuss in confidence, please email

If you are not sure if you should report it........REPORT IT! Child Welfare and Safeguarding of our members is our Number One priority


To our players.....if you have any concerns please report them. Tell your parents or coach. If uncomfortable telling them you can report it to our child welfare officer or you can always use  Childline or CEOP reporting  by clicking below images  

Never worry about reporting something. The club will give you our full support.

Club documents can be found by clicking here

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