Latest News - Covid 19

COVID-19 Update     - 16th June 2020  - Return to Training

This communication is an update on the clubs position with regards to returning to training.

The club has spent the last 2 weeks reviewing the FA Guidance speaking with Hertfordshire FA as well as our insurers. Following this we have made the decision to allow our coaches to hold socially distanced training sessions if they are able and willing to do so and only if the FA's guidelines can be met.

We want each of our members to know that returning to training is entirely optional and no way compulsory. If any coach, or player or players parent/guardian do not feel comfortable to return to training then please do not feel you have to.


All training will have to take place in public parks as football facilities are not yet open. Due to this there is a risk sessions will be cancelled upon arrival if space is not available. 

We want everyone who plans on running, or attending a socially distanced football training session to ensure they have read the guidance found here.

We have created a disclaimer that we recommend that every players 
parent/guardian completes and returns to their coach.

We have also created a template for a risk assessment which must be completed by the coach/manager/helper before any session starts.

These 2 documents are crucial in helping us plan a good safe socially distanced session and will help to ensure that all Stevenage Borough Junior Players are protected as much as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Brian Fletcher at

This return to return to training is great news. However, we currently have no understanding of when we can return to our usual training facilities or when leagues may start.

As a football club our main priority is the saftey of our players, families and our coaches. As a result we will continue to be guided by the Government and the FA as to when football will resume. 

Your patience is appreciated.