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Code Of Conduct

Important message to ALL players, parents, carers and spectators


All players, parents, carers and spectators MUST comply with the
FA rules, regulations and SBJFC codes of conduct at all times.
Please remember that the managers, coaches, referees, linespersons
and SBJFC support teams (SBJFC officials) are all voluntary and SBJFC will not tolerate any

acts of abuse, aggression, interference or threats towards them or any player.

The club follows the FA codes of conduct and these should be read by all club members.

As a high level summary all parents, carers and spectators are expected to:

- act in a supportive manner at all times

- respect the coaches and managers decisions

- applaud the players (of both teams) efforts even if mistakes are made

- never under any circumstances confront any SBJFC official or those of the opponents

- let the coach or manager manage the team

- not to tell the players what to do during games – this causes confusion

- offer support and act as linespersons, match delegates or referees

Please note that your team and SBJFC can receive fines and suspensions from the FA if these codes of conduct are not met and in extreme circumstances criminal proceedings could be brought upon the club or individual members

In addition we as a club have a zero tolerance policy to any breaches of this code.

All club documents can be found by clicking here 

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