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Player Support Fund 

Our club always wants to support our members through difficult times and where possible will try to support existing members who are struggling with paying subscriptions. We already offer a £30 discount to siblings where a family have more than one player at our club. We are also happy to offer the opportunity for members to spread the costs of subscriprtions over a longer period where necessary. 

In addition to the above we also have in place our player support fund which we will use to support members where we can who are struggling with subscriptions.   

If any of our members are struggling the parent/guardian can formerly apply for assistance using the form below. Once submitted the following steps will take place:

  1. The decision on whether to award assistance will be made by our designated player support fund representatives and the submitter will be advised of the outcome. The decision of the representatives will be final. 

  2. The fund should be administered by the clubs treasurer via a seperate account with all reductions recorded and funded into the main subscriptions account.

  3. Support will be in the form of reduction in subscriptions or repayment of previously paid subscriptions where appropriate.

  4. Income to the fund should be by sponsorship, voluntary donation or other funding approved by the committee.

  5. A new application must be made each season if the applicant continues to require financial support.

Player Support Application 

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